I write to live. “Live” could be interpreted in two levels: to put food in the table, buy some clothes and deodorant and some dignity; to continue surviving, to find a certain “meaning” in a world governed by much randomness. Now when I say I write well, I’m definitely getting ahead of myself.

This is my little shack in the electronic grapevine. I’ve handled several blog accounts since 2004, ones from Blogdrive, Blogspot, Multiply and an untouched one in Livejournal. I didn’t just stare blankly at each page; I usually wrote furiously, with diligence and passion, even with college term papers and journalism class articles dumped on my lap. But you see, many changes arrived, not too many of which were welcome ones, and I had to divert my energy and attention to some other pursuits.

For one, I entered the Philippine labor force. I wrote publicity stories for corporate clients, taught Koreans the English language, and stayed for almost two years in a contact and IT development center, where I peddled the virtues of travel.

At present, I’m writing for a natural health website (in fact the world’s #1 ranked website in its category) and discovering gazillions of stuff a health nut would salivate over at any given day.

Apart from my gibberish (and more gibberish told in photos) you can also find some of my unpublished book reviews here. If I’d had a thicker hide I would have included my rambling poetry and fiction pieces. But I didn’t because I thought of a “little” reputation (known to three: to me, my mother and my boyfriend) I might as well take care of.

So here it is, the About Me page, except that I could be charged of glossing over my inexperience and ordinariness a little too much, and that the “Me” is an idealized version of the self as in any other self-presentation. That’s the exact genius of this medium: it’s terminable once it ceases to gratify the user.

On second thought, it’s my little shack anyway.

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6 thoughts on “About

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